A downloadable game for Windows

Festival Tycoon is a music festival management game with additional RTS game play elements.


If you are interested in the development process, follow me on Twitter @FestivalTycoon and/or sign up for the newsletter for updates and insights!

Feel free to try and share this demo as much as you like! I am more than happy to hear from you afterwards, whether you liked it or not!

The game is currently under development in the beautiful city of Vienna!

Install instructions

Install instructions

[Edit] IMPORTANT! Please do not use the feedback form at the end. Unfortunately, there is a bug which often prevents the content to be submitted! Please send an email to me if you want to give feedback (which is highly appreciated)! Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for playing!

Thank You very much for trying the demo!

Simply unzip the downloaded file and run the FestivalManager_Demo.exe file. If your PC warns you to not run it, please choose "More Info" -> "Run Anyway" (exact wording depends on your language).

Please consider giving me feedback afterwards! That way I can see what game elements are good and what aren't.

You can sign in for updates here!

Have fun!


FestivalManager_005b.zip 156 MB

Development log


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soo i unzipped the downloaded file and run the festivalmanager_demo.exe file and my pc warned me and i clicked "more info" and the 'run anyways'  did not appear, pls help


cant download

What's the problem?

I clicked download and a page came up and waited and nothing happend

I turned of popup blocker

Pressed follow

Clicked dowload  nothing happened

I tried another browser it says "connecting"

I like this game so much

I really wanna play

Hmm, sounds very strange but I fear there isn't too much I can do about. Maybe try contacting support@itch.io directly. =)

Will do

Help! I clicked "book" on several bands but they don't show up on the stages screen?

Sorry for the late reply. Is there still a problem? =)


Excelent work so far!! :)

Thanks! =)

Would be great if users could add bands and genres in-game. Love the game already.

Thank you for the feedback! I plan to have a band editor in the release version. The demo is very limited and there are a lot of things missing and outdated. =)

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FYI, the Itch.io client doesn't detect your zip file for some reason, so the install button doesn't work! Maybe because you didn't flag the zip as Windows compatible?

Thanks for the info, I'll figure it out! =)

Works now 👍🏻

kitch (LInux client) doesnt seem to have this problem. The game can be play without a problem through wine